Frequently Ask Questions

How much parking is available?
We have plenty of parking at the Whitehead Home.  In the front of the home on the curved driveway you can park at least three cars and if double parked up to 5. On the east side of the home in our small parking area 4 cars can be parked. Also street parking is allowed.

Can trailers fit in the parking area?
Yes, a small or medium trailer or motorhome can fit in the parking area on the east side of the home.

Where can I see a floor plan?
You can find a floor plan under the heading Whitehead Home Details, click on Photographs. They are located the end of the photos.

How is the Internet?
Our internet is provided by TDS and is unlimited. Because the home is old with thick adobe walls in some areas we have strategically added throughout the home "Google wifi mesh network". It has worked really well and each room has the wifi connection. We also have provided in each room USB port charging stations (1 and 4 have them built into the side tables).