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Month              Average High    Average Low

January                  53                     25
February                59                     30
March                     67                     35
April                        76                     42
May                        85                     50
June                       96                     58
July                        101                   66
August                    99                     64
September             92                     55
October                  80                     42
November              64                      31
December              53                      25

Information on Check Out:
Upon Check out, please do the following:
**IF MOVED RETURN ALL furniture, deco pillows, blankets that have been moved to original spot/room.
*If GAMES & TOYS are used we ask that toys be put back in the toy box and games put back together/stored in original place.(Cleaners do not have time to put games and pieces back along with the cleaning of such a large home)
**PLEASE CLEAN UP KIDS NOOK IF USED. Art items and books returned to kids nook. Please wipe table, walls and other places that may have been accidentally drawn on. (Cleaners do not clean the nook, this helps to keep cleaning costs down).
**REMOTE CONTROLS should be in appropriate rooms in box. (TV & air unit remotes)
**Place DIRTY DISHES in dishwasher and start.
**Place all USED BATH TOWELING in tub or on floor where they will not be stepped on. USED RAGS should be put in laundry room on top of washer.
**Leave USED BEDS unmade; please do not remove bed linens. If sofa sleeper was used leave pulled out.
**Turn all LIGHTS OFF.
** Don't forget your personal items and your THANK YOU GIFT.
**CHECK & LOCK All Entry/Exit Doors. (Front (push lock symbol), patio and laundry doors)
**Take KITCHEN GARBAGE to outside bins. If Check out is on Tuesday please take large garbage can to the curb. Garbage day is early Wednesday.
**CALL or TEXT management to notify that the property has been vacated.